Our Team

Our experienced team of experts has worked with diverse clients across different industries, including politics, economics, counter-terrorism, energy, finance, and technology.

Samir Assaf

Founder & CEO

With more than 15 years' experience as a leader, manager and strategic planner, Assaf brings a wealth of knowledge to each client's project to deliver better consulting outcomes.

In addition to working with private sector clients, Assaf has also provided consulting services to governmental institutions and NGOs, leveraging his expertise in defense and security to provide strategic guidance and insight.

Assaf earned several academic accolades, including a Ph.D in Political Science with a focus on the Arab-Persian Gulf (Defense and Security), a Higher Studies Diploma (DESS) in National Defense, and a M.A. in Economics.

Assaf's vast knowledge and experience in international affairs, economics, defense and security, with a focus on the MENA region, make him a valuable asset to any organization seeking to navigate the complex geopolitical landscape of the Middle East.

Hassan Abboud

Chief Operating Officer & Co-founder

Hassan Abboud is an expert in geopolitical risk and co-founder of AMEC.

Abboud's work includes advising multinational corporations on political risk factors in emerging markets, conducting assessments of the political and economic climate in countries of interest, and providing recommendations for mitigating risk. He has worked with clients in a variety of sectors, including energy, finance, and telecommunications.

Prior to his current role, Abboud worked as a political risk analyst for several major corporations, including a global energy company and a leading investment bank.

Abboud holds a PhD in Political Science. His research focused on the dynamics of political instability in the Middle East, with a particular emphasis on the impact of economic factors.

Rana Khan

Director & Co-Founder

Rana Khan is a risk analysis and threat assessment expert with extensive experience advising governments, international organizations and private sector clients, and co-founder of AMEC.

Khan's work includes providing assessments of security risks in conflict zones, advising on the potential risks of large-scale infrastructure projects, and identifying emerging risks in the energy sector.

Khan also served as a risk analyst for several major corporations, including a global energy company and a leading financial institution.

Khan holds a PhD in Risk Analysis and Management from the University of Cambridge. Her dissertation focused on the development of risk assessment methodologies for complex and dynamic security threats.